Nick Cook’s Search for Anti-Gravity

Deep within the bowels of military research programs, government warehouses and aerospace libraries are secrets most would find hard to believe. As an aviation writer for Jane’s Defense Weekly, Nick Cook had special access to places normally off-limits. An unusual 1956 aerospace article entitled “The G-Engines are Coming” by writer...Read more

The Electric Quest of Garbriel Kron

Gabriel Kron was as self-directed as they come. As a young engineering student at Michigan State University, he divided his week between school and what he truly wanted to learn. For the first 4 days of the week, he attended classes and course work but from Friday noon onward, Kron...Read more

John Keel’s Search for Magic

It seems to be a trend with Western stage magicians to try to prove there is no such thing as “real” magic. Harry Houdini exposed fake mediums and the Amazing Randi has “offered” a million dollar prize to anyone who can demonstrate paranormal powers to his satisfaction. American amateur magician...Read more

Exploring the Mysterious Mayan Coastline, Part One

To further a quest, I recently traveled to the Yucatan to seek the mysterious Kulkulkan, the Feathered Serpent. In Mesoamerican traditions, the Feathered Serpent is a teacher and central deity. Some credit the god with civilization – he taught the people agriculture, arts and science (1). He was also known...Read more

Exploring the Mysterious Mayan Coast, Part Two

(Continued from Part One). From Playa Carmen, I took the ADO to Tulum and checked into an small apartment-like hotel along the highway. Pleasant people work there and it’s impressively clean. I dropped-off my luggage and took a cab to see the local ruins and wow, what a beautiful place!...Read more

Your Secret Journey

We are all searching for something. So many think it is a quest for survival and fortune but there are others who are bored with mundane pursuits. The love of friends and family is irreplaceable but we were made to do more than function like cogs in a machine; there...Read more