Pirates and Treasure Hunting

A pirate ship was the single hardest and rarest thing a person could discover underwater. And while galleons had been largely forgotten, the voices of pirates never stopped calling, to the imaginations of children and anyone else who believed the world could be thrilling if one only dared step off...Read more

Pandemics, Psychedelics and Timothy Leary, Part 3

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities” – Voltaire. People have belief systems and they will do anything to protect them and I find that peculiar; what is it that’s so important about a belief system that would lead people to commit acts that under...Read more

Pandemics, Psychedelics and Timothy Leary, Part 2

“I try to use these tools to increase intelligence and to operate the mind and brain. Most schools do not teach young people to think for themselves. Most schools indoctrinate, to train you to play your part in society… I didn’t start anything, the use of certain botanical vegetable substances,...Read more

Pandemics, Psychedelics and Timothy Leary, Part 1

I spent much of 2020 hoping to travel but the pandemic kept the world in lockdown. Although some intrepid souls were still getting around, most felt stuck in one place. Travelers were forced to self-isolate for two weeks upon returning home – a luxury few could afford. Social distancing kept...Read more

Lost Cities and David Hatcher Childress

Most of my life I have been searching for mysteries; ancient lost cities buried deep in the jungles and deserts, remote temples and monasteries at the far reaches of the Earth”. -David Hatcher Childress, Lost Cities & Ancient Mysteries of South America, 1986 Adventures Unlimited Press, page 3). Few people...Read more

The Feathered Serpent Enigma

In early 2020, I was eager to return to Mexico. The Mayan Coastline and Chichén Itzá were in my thoughts from a few years prior and the next step was to visit the “place of the gods”. The Feathered Serpent god, aka Quetzalcoatl, has fascinated many a questor: Who was...Read more

Adam Shoalts’ Hidden North

Proving the age of exploration has never ended, Adam Shoalts has captured media and public attention in his Canadian homeland. He has crossed the arctic territories by canoe, delved deep into Hudson Bay lowlands and seen things most could only imagine. Paddling, porting, and polling his way along, Shoalts has...Read more

The Real Nessie, Part 2

(Continued from Part 1) Recently, media outlets have carried the story that the Loch Ness Monster could have been all along, just a very large eel. The possibility has been suggested by the New Zealand Researcher Neal Gemmel who collected DNA samples from the loch to ascertain what species dwell...Read more

Indigenous Mound Magic

Not far from Newark and high above the town of Granville, Ohio is a 200-foot long Native earthwork called Alligator Mound. Researchers believe the effigy isn’t an alligator at all but an “underwater panther” – a powerful cat-like water monster covered in reptilian scales. To see it, you must travel...Read more