The Real Nessie, Part 1

Mystery runs deep through a land filled with castles, stone circles and ancient history. Add natural beauty to the mix and you have a fantasy land similar to worlds created by Martin or Tolkien. But one of the main draws to Scotland for me is the story I heard as...Read more

Water Monsters

In David Lynch’s dream-like masterpiece, Mullholland Drive, a young woman travels from Deep River, Ontario to pursue an acting career in Hollywood. At first, “Betty” seems to be as wholesome and innocent as her name implies but is revealed to be the murderous “Diane”. There are many interpretations but I...Read more

Mysterious Cuba, Part 4: Cthulhu’s Kraken Resort

(Continued from Part 3) I returned in 2017 to continue research and swim at Playa Jibacoa. This hidden spot is roughly halfway between Varadero and Havana and a destination for divers and snorkelers. If you are a strong swimmer, a section of coral reef is within reach of shore. The...Read more

Mysterious Cuba, Part 3 – To Caves Unknown

(Continued from Part 2) In 2016, I returned to the Island just a day or two after Cuban leader Fidel Castro died. Nine days of national mourning were declared and it was eerily quiet. This was a different Cuba from previous visits; the sounds of music blasting over the beach,...Read more

Mysterious Cuba, Part 2 – Touring the Enchanted Island

(Continued from Part 1) Battered by hurricanes, political strife and trade bans, the island nation of Cuba survives thanks to a resilient people. Despite poverty conditions and an aging infrastructure, there are those who thrive. Many make a living from the tourist industry. Cuba is mostly an unspoiled natural paradise...Read more

Mysterious Cuba, Part 1: The Underwater City

Over the past few decades, amazing stories of underwater archaeology have made their way to mainstream media. We hear of a vast underground river system in Mayan Mexico, excavations at India’s Dwarka and Roman shipwrecks near the Greek Island of Naxos. One report in particular interested me in visiting Cuba....Read more

The Lost Jungle of Stone

A common theme in the lost city adventure is the resilience of the explorer. Adventurers will return time and again to continue searching, even if earlier attempts prove disastrous. The iconic Colonel Percy Fawcett endured the worst the jungles had to offer only to repeat the task many times over...Read more

Psychic Archaeology, Atlantis and the Littles

Serendipity and opportunity can place one on an unexpected path. This could lead researchers to wonder if they were “chosen” for a quest. Greg and Lora Little might just wonder. The Little’s are a well-educated couple who have acquired some unusual hobbies. Dr. Lora Little is a respected psycho-therapist, Administrator...Read more

Nick Cook’s Search for Anti-Gravity

Deep within the bowels of military research programs, government warehouses and aerospace libraries are secrets most would find hard to believe. As an aviation writer for Jane’s Defense Weekly, Nick Cook had special access to places normally off-limits. An unusual 1956 aerospace article entitled “The G-Engines are Coming” by writer...Read more

The Electric Quest of Garbriel Kron

Gabriel Kron was as self-directed as they come. As a young engineering student at Michigan State University, he divided his week between school and what he truly wished to know. For the first 4 days of the week, he attended classes and course work but from Friday noon onward, Kron...Read more